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Top 5 Digital Tips to sell more Cars

Marketing today without a comprehensive digital presence is like winking at beautiful women in a dark room. They just don’t see it! Your online visibility is critical to generating leads and increasing the awareness of your dealership. Ask your digital marketing agency how effective your strategy is in these 5 critical areas.

#1 Design for mobile
You should be primarily designing your website for mobile and then optimising for desktop, not the other way around! This means that your site will look it’s best for South Africa’s 38 million smartphone users. This is where your market shops. It also ensures that you are following the latest trends in AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) which is critically important within the Google search algorithms.

#2 Content plays a big role
Customers come to your site for the answer to a question. Keep it simple and tell them what they want to know. Quality over quality should be your mantra. Like any advertising there needs to be a single-minded message and an immediate call to action. Our benchmark is no more that 50 words per page.

#3 SEO is a moving target
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) requires that your digital communication triggers Google’s machine learning algorithms or you will not be highly visible. This requires regular SEO updates and you should be monitoring the health of your site every month. Using one of the many ‘Site Health’ apps you should check that you are achieving a target of >90% optimisation.

#4 Measure, refine, redefine
You can be swamped with data and analytics reports. Only track and measure valuable information. How many phone calls did your digital advertising generate? how many test drive requests? Which website page are being visited? Who was looking for directions? Digital is immediate so If it’s not working, change it or try something completely different.

#5 Be patient
Digital marketing is a long term process and commitment. Like golf, every shot should take you closer to the pin. You then sink your putt and start all over again, hopefully getting better with every shot. Establishing a great digital platform will take closer to your goal one shot at a time, every day of every month, every year.