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Random acts of content

Some businesses suddenly discover an appetite for content marketing and unleash a deluge of blogs and posts with the intensity of a Highveld thunderstorm. They then disappear like the clouds, forgotten until the next storm. The nature of content marketing means that these random acts of content have the effectiveness odds stacked against them. Content can’t be picked up and put down as and when marketing objectives demand. It is a commitment to consistently delivering engaging opportunities that open dialogue with your audience.

Companies must adopt a strategic-led approach to their content marketing.

Set goals –  Setting an attainable content goal is the first step to publishing quality content. It is imperative to clearly understand what you want to achieve before you start to execute a strategy.
Know your audience – What do they want to read about? Make sure the content that you publish aligns with what your audience craves.
Know your frequency limits – Being regular on social media is desired. But do not irritate your audience with an endless tirade of posts about yourself and your services. It is better to publish high quality content a few times a month than to frequently post unengaged content that lacks authenticity.

I like to apply three rules to the development of content for publishing.

Be Creative – Would you take your time to read through something that did not catch your eye and deliver an interesting and well thought through message?
Be Simple – The simpler it is, the better your audience can grab it and retain the information.
Be Useful – Make your content ask the questions and leave your product or brand to deliver the answers.

This approach can build a loyal audience of social media followers or email subscribers that actually want to hear from you and engage with your brand.

About the Author:
Alan Golden is the CEO of the QuartermasterGroup and passionate about all things digital
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